Welcome to Tomnificence

Welcome to my website. I am always aspiring to be the best I can be at creating things. Thus the name of the web site. A combination of my name Tom and the word omnificence.

Omnificence means unlimited power to create. I do not have it but it is clear by my aspirations that even though I meagerly personify this attribute it is still one that I attempt to emulate.

Whether I have these talents given to me by a supreme creator or by genetics and luck alone I leave for each person to think for them self. I have my own beliefs but this is not where I share those. I’ll only say I mean no disrespect to any one. The purpose of this site is not to spawn arguments of religion, politics, or morals. As arguing is designed to divide people. I hope enjoying my talents will bring people together.

This website is to demonstrate some of the things I have made. I have had all these talents as far back as I remember first attempting each of them. Yet I continue to develop these talents today. I feel both obligated and happy to develop what talents I have partially because I feel so grateful to have them. I encourage other people to develop and share their own. Obviously websites are good places to do this.

Please enjoy what you see here.

Thank you for reading and your consideration.

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